FAQs for your Ivy League Admission Consultant

MBA Essay Consulting

As an Ivy League admission consultant, do you only work with Ivy League students? My grades aren’t that great.
No, I work with all kinds of students at every level and school. Though I specialize in the Ivy League, I’ve helped students get into MIT, Duke, NYU, Michigan, Berkeley, UCLA, etc. There are many EXCELLENT schools all over the country (and in Canada, too!) not just the Ivy League. 

Do you ever work with transfer students, or people applying to Law School?
Yes! I offer my college admissions consulting services to undergraduate transfer students all the time, and have had a GREAT success rate. I also work with Law School candidates, and because there is usually only 1 personal statement involved, reduce my rate for the initial application.

I’ve waited too close to the deadline – can you still help me?
Probably yes, but it depends. I often fill up as it gets close to the deadlines, especially for undergrads. The best way to secure your space is to contact me as early as possible in the process. I sometimes have unexpected openings though, so even if it is close to the deadline, it is always good to contact me and see!

Do you have any tips to offer, before I sign up for your services?
I am in the process of putting together a blog, and will make it known on this website when everything is up and running!

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