Process Essay – Detailed Guide for Writing Gurus

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Process Essay – Detailed Guide for Writing Gurus

process essay

Process Essay – How to Write It Like a Pro

Also known as a how-to paper, a process essay serves the purpose to inform the reader on how to do something. It is a kind of guide that teaches the reader how to reach a certain goal step by step. It can be just anything – from cooking a pie to installing Windows 10 on your pc. In order to write a powerful piece, you need to remember about the basic paper structure and highlight particular information on each section of the piece.

1. Introduction

The introduction is an opening part of your paper. It is no longer than 1-2 paragraphs and should take no more than ⅓ of the entire essay length. In the introductory part, you are to provide basic info about the topic being covered in a paper without diving deep into the specific info and details. Use the introductory part of your process essay to explain the importance/ meaning/ benefit of the process and illustrate its application. 

You are to provide reasoning why the audience will benefit from this knowledge. At the same time, your mission is to keep the interest of the reader high to make sure that the one will read your essay on the writing process until the end. An important element of a good introduction is a thesis statement, which should highlight the main message of your writing. Here, you can name the process you are illustration along with covering the main staged to be taken in order to accomplish the task.  

2. Paper body

How long should my writing process essay be? What’s the optimal number of paragraphs it should cover? How to arrange every section so that the piece is easy to read and comprehend? There is no universal answer here. Everything is highly depended on the topic/ process you are illustrating. At this point, you need to find a balance – illustrate the process in detail without making this part is too complicated to grasp. 

It would be a good idea to divide the info into logical blocks and highlight each how-to step in a separate paragraph. To smoothly lead the reader, use transitional words or phrases and follow the previously established order.

3. Conclusion

It is the shortest part of an essay aimed at revealing the results of the process discussed earlier. Apart from summarizing the idea of the guide, a concluding paragraph is to restate a thesis reinforcing the procedure’s significance.

Work process

Writing process essay is an easy task if you know how to approach it step by step. To make things easier for you, we have developed a detailed guide covering each and every stage of writing. Follow it in order not to miss out anything important for your project.

Step 1: Identify who your write for

Identify who your reader is and what info the one expects to find in your paper. Since it is a very responsible process, take your time to identify the audience your writing is aimed for and its expectations. Understanding your “reader,” you will get to know how to approach essay writing, what contents to cover, and writing tone to use.

Step 2: Research materials/ approaches/ appliances to cover

An essay on writing process explains how a particular operation is done. As a rule, you need to make use of materials, appliances, or tools to perform any task or manufacture anything. Therefore, prior getting your hand on a piece, create an overview of the appliances the doer should have at hand.

Step 3: Develop an essay IA

Once you have a tool overview, it is time to research the topic and collect all the necessary information. Take notes of key facts and statements that you will include in your piece. A process essay writing requires you to execute the task on your own and take notes of each step taken. Thus, you will understand what steps are to be documented and what key points/ issues to focus on. By simply using external data, you risk missing out critical steps. Having a short and straightforward outline will reduce potential risks and guide you throughout the entire essay writing process.

Step 4: Get your hand on writing

Stick to the outline that you have previously developed and stick to the general essay structure, covering an intro, body, and ending. Make a reader like your paper – use the cool tricks:

  • Use the introduction as a point to catch the reader’s attention – instead of getting your hand on writing a process essay, interest the person you are writing for with a concise and creative intro. Introduce the theme while interacting with the reader.
  • Do not neglect using transition words/ phrases in the text – to ensure a smooth flow of your thought, use transitional blocks. Every paragraph must be logically connected with the one following it. 
  • Cover one step in a separate section – one piece should describe no more than one step; otherwise, a reader will get confused. You can group them by time, task-solving approach, or in chronological order. Find a strategy that works best for your reader and stick to it.
  • Reveal important details – since it could be a first-try task for a reader, it is important to describe it in detail for the process to run with zero issues. 
  • Illustrate the end product – your reader should understand what result to expect apart from how it can be achieved. So when formulating the conclusion, help people have a picture in their heads of how a final product will look like. 
  • Proofread the ready-made essay – scan the piece so that  there is no single mistake in your paper and that no important step is left aside from your work. Focus not only on grammar/ punctuation mistakes; check paper contents, writing tone, and the comprehensiveness of your writing.
  • Get an extra pair of eyes – you may sometimes miss a critical mistake or text inconsistency if you check your essay yourself. To prevent this from happening, it is always better to have an extra pair of eyes. Ask your friend or an accredited writer to fix the text. Thus, you will be 100% sure that all issues and weak points of your writing are fixed.

Make it a success!

Essay writing can be easy if you understand how to approach it step by step. That’s why organizing all your ideas in a paper plan and sticking to the paper plan throughout the process will make your life easier. Remember about the basic paper structure and proofread a complete essay. As long as you follow our recommendations, you will be able to deliver a brilliant essay on any topic and of any complexity.

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