MBA Essay Consulting

Welcome to Harvard Essay Consulting. Do you need help with your MBA or Ivy League college applications? Are you looking to MAXIMIZE your chances of getting into the BEST school possible? I served for two years as an official Harvard interviewer, and am a Harvard graduate myself. Ten years ago, I started my own college & MBA Essay Consulting Service to help both MBA and incoming college students learn what it takes to get into their TOP school of choice. 

As everyone knows, the Ivy League is very selective. It helps to have expert advice from an Ivy League admission consultant. The essays are important – VERY important. I not only know what the top schools look for in an applicant, but why. I work with students all over the world, and help transform your MBA & undergraduate college admissions essays into the best application possible. I’ve been at the top of the food chain in terms of schools. I know what works, and I know how to get you there, as well! 

My MBA students have gotten into Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, NYU Stern, Kellogg, and Stanford, just to name a few. My undergrads have been accepted to the same TOP Ivy League schools, and though I work with schools all over the country, I specialize in the Ivy League. 

In this economy, the better the school, the better your chances of future professional success. This not only comes from the real knowledge you will gain in your course work, but from the personal network and connections you will form with your peers and mentors, as well. Success comes from keeping proximity to success. Learn and grow next to the brightest minds of your generation. Let me help you get where you were meant to be through my MBA & College Admissions Consulting Services!